PUB LUNCH MENU (Lighter meals for the not so hungry)

Hot chips (small) R17.00
Hot chips (large) R29.00
Bacon and cheese fries R45.00
Garlic Roll              R12.95     
Cheesy garlic roll R15.95

Chicken strips & chips R39.00
Calamari strips & chips R39.00
Crumbed mushrooms & chips R49.00
Beef strips and chips R49.00
Spicy chicken wings and chips R49.00
Battered hake and chips R49.00
Spare ribs(350g) & chips R59.00
Prego roll & chips                  R59.00                
(beef cubes in prego sauce on a roll)

PLATTERS:   Full Platter only R179.00

Or make your own platter! (minimum of 3 items below)

150g Crumbed beef strips R37.00
150g Crumbed chicken strips            R28.00
150g Crumbed mushrooms R28.00
200g Crumbed calamari strips R28.00
350g Spare ribs R45.00
150g Hot chips R17.00
Cheesy garlic roll               R15.95
Tartare sauce R8.00                   

Sauces: R12.00 each - Monkey gland/chese/mushroom/pepper/garlic
              R14.00 each - Cheesy garlic/cheesy mushroom/cheesy pepper