Bookings for the Big Barrel Pub:


  • A booking deposit of R30.00 per head is required when making a booking larger than 8 PAX during weekends and in season. (This is to ensure that all the guests that you booked seating for  arrives and that all persons  at your table will be eating).
  • Bookings for Big Screen Sports must be here 1 hour before the game and the table must be cleared for evening bookings at least 1 hour after the game. (unless you have booked for the evening also).
  • Please note that your bookings must run 1 tab only. You are welcome to run only a food bill and get your drinks from the bar if your guests are to pay for their own drinks.
  • We can't ensure a specific area for your table, as our booking and seating arrangements depends on the number and size of each days bookings.
  • Please note that a service fee of 10% is charged to all tables of 5 or more persons.